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FE Impact 

It is proven that the arts has a positive effect on the development of young people.  The arts gives us space to grow, love, heal, develop, and nurture ourselves from the outside in. Here's a look at how FE Conservatory and it's artistry, creativity, and mentorship has impacted the lives of our alumni. 


Josh Calhoun

Mass Communications Graduate/Professonal Choreographer

I grauated for Morris Brown College in Mass Communications in 2021. I started working with Ms. Leigha at the age of 7 years old for summer camps and ever since FE has instilled me to be bold, diverse, humble, and hungry. I wouldn’t be the choreographer I am today without having that push. Because of that push I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my dreams and to finish college. I’m currently a member of Groove2Musik Dance Company. I also choreograph/dance for independent artists, collegiate and high school teams, showcases, music videos, and music festivals. Till this day FE is still inspiring and aiding me in my career. I’m forever grateful and thankful for my forever dance home. 

Jasmine Williams 

MFA Canidate at University of North Carolina

The Arts have always been a key element of my life and in more ways than one, FE has played an important role in this artistic journey. As a student, Ms. Leigha always emphasized the importance of knowing our history as black dancers and as black artists from the culturally rich state of Louisiana. That knowledge alone and the importance placed on it cultivated a deeper mental and personal connection between my art and I. I’m proud and grateful to say that FE had part in shaping me into the artist I am today. As a dancer, an actress, a singer, a writer and even a sound designer my creative growth through FE will always shine through my work.


Lindsey Lee

Southern University Dancing Doll 2019-2021

FE was always a place where I could just let my hair down and feel comfortable while doing what I loved. From the teachers to even the students and environment. FE has taught me so many lesson whether it was a lesson as a dancer or a life lesson. FE has molded me and helped me grow into the woman I am today. 

Rayshard Keys 

Dallas Black Dance Encore Member 2019-2021

Fire Expressions to me, is like a breath or air! During my time with FE, I was able to channel more of my expressive movements, and choreographic capabilities. I’m now in Dallas with theses resources pursing a Ballet Career, and serving at Cheesecake Factory during the nights. FE has helped me find the ability to be fierce! 


Ahmayah Bossier

ProfessionaL Makeup Artist/Licensed Esthetician/Content Creator

The consistency it took to practice, perform, and execute in FE has translated into my life as a whole. Especially in my career where consistency is a major factor. When taught thoroughly, dance is a form of art that consists of discipline and technique, which was a big focus of FE’s classes. Last but not least; through dance, FE taught us about our history as African Americans, which made us proud to be who we are and where we came from. 

Amyra Menard

Alabama State University Stingette 2019/BFA Dance Major University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

I was a part of Fire Expression Performing Arts Conservatory for 6 years, under Leigha Porter, Director. Through those years of training I gained a lot of love for the art of dance. With dance I was able to release stress which allowed me time to connect my mind body and soul through various movements. Without the push and dedication I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today. From this great passion of dancing I’m currently majoring in Dance at University of Lafayette Louisiana. 

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