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F.E. Conservatory is Youth Development x Arts education program providing professional level training in classical and contemporary styles of dance rooted in ethnic and cultural experiences. 

Our mission is to classically train young people while allowing them to develop as an individual, expand their creativity, learn the artistry of dance, and gain insight to the history of traditional dances. We provide arts education, youth development, and a community involvement program that allows not only our students to be inspired and educated through the arts, but people in our community as well.


The programs at FE Conservatory focuses on aesthetically integrating youth development x arts education with the traditions and history of ethnic danceAll dancers are required to study Ballet and Modern as apart of their base curriculum and other techniques including African, Pointe, Pre pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance History and College Readiness. We provide three comprehension programs from early childhood to Pre-Professional.  

The FE approach to teaching dance guides each student on a personal path to attain their highest potential as an individual and as a "young artist".  All classes are taught in an exciting yet nurturing environment. Our encouraging approach allows each student to work towards their own personal growth and goals which promotes self-confidence and leadership. "We prepare students not only for the stage, but for life."


F.I.R.E Expressions represents Faith, Inspiration, Relationship, and Experience expressed through movement and creative art. We are a performing arts center that provide professional level training in classical and contemporary styles of dance rooted in ethnic and cultural experiences. The programs at F.I.R.E Expressions (FE Conservatory) are designed to meet the creative needs, recreational through pre-professional, of all young artists. Our teaching values promote training in a positive environment which allows our students to creatively express themselves through movement and creative art. In addition to our high quality dance training, our students learn the importance of commitment, discipline, focus along with respect and other social skills which are valuable to each student and will making them productive members of society. Art really does change lives!

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