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FE Chosen By Debbie Allen and Jaquel Knight To Be Spotlighted on Live Dance-A-Thon

Out of 500 dance schools across the nation, FE Conservatory was chosen as 1 of the top 5 studios in the country to be featured and spotlighted on her live Dance-a-thon. It was truly an honor and privilege to be chosen by Mrs. Allen and Jaquel Knight.

FE Featured​ In International Magazine "Kreol Magazine"

For creators Leigha Porter and Jazmyn Jones, putting a Creole twist on The Nutcracker story was a concept close to their hearts. Enriched with a variety of dance styles and with distinct Louisianan influences unique to Creole culture, this version of The Nutcracker sought to give the community a performance they would remember and cherish. 

Daily Advertiser Newspaper Feature​

"Leigha Porter and Jasmyn Jones, co-creator of Creole Nutcracker, independently came up with the idea of a South Louisiana-inspired nutcracker before bringing the idea to one another."- Daily Advertiser

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